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Creative Arts Camps

At our Creative Arts Camps, we facilitate creative activities that focus on restoration. Using principles of music, art, dance, and drama therapy, we along with our partners have witnessed incredible transformation from our campers - reclaiming their identity


At our Creative Arts Camps, we experience the restoration that takes place through the arts. We have seen fine art become a vehicle for processing and releasing pain - an experience that deepens and progresses the restoration process. Traumas become less powerful and hope becomes more tangible. 



Dance has been a powerful experience of reclaiming. After these individuals have experienced mental and physical immobilisation, dancing has brought back a sense of agency. Using their bodies to express stories, struggle, and beauty, our campers get to reclaim their bodies as their own. 


Music has revived a sense of voice in our campers. As they engage their entire mind, breath, and motor skills in the art of producing sound together, they experience agency, community, and individuality. 


Catch a glimpse into some of the creativity - music, dance, & videography - from our camp leaders in 2019.

During our camp in 2019, they taught our campers this choreography and song based on our theme

'restored identity'.


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