Over 750 million people are reported to live below the

global poverty line our world today: 

circumstances that can lead to desperate situations - fear, neglect, abuse, or even human trafficking. 

Human trafficking is illegal everywhere, but it affects every country in the world.  It is defined as the exploitation of a person for profit by the use of force, fraud, or coercion.   An estimated 30 million people are victims of human trafficking today.  

For these communities, families, and individuals facing poverty, finding basic is a major struggle. Parents in search for work outside their village, or even their nation, may leave their children behind with a friend or relative and both family members become vulnerable to harm or exploitation. This is the context that we join.


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The Journey Out of Oppression...

We join Restoration and Empowerment work to combat impoverishment and its symptoms, especially human trafficking. 


Through Creative Arts Camps, Music Education, and Community Partnerships, we help restore those leaving oppression and empower them to remain safe and strong.

...into Layers of Safety

We join Families, Schools, and Communities to strengthen the layers of safety that are necessary for children to be safe from harm.


Our Creative Arts Camps, Music Education, and Community Partnerships, help empower families, teachers, and leaders to safeguard their communities and build strong connections in homes and schools, keeping children safe and thriving. 

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