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Community Leadership Conferences

Himalayas - May/June 2020


Emily was born in China and immigrated to the U.S. as a student. She is now married to a wonderful and strong christian lawyer, Cris, and is a mother to four adult children. Because she has experienced God’s mercy and grace in her life, Emily has completely devoted her life to God and has mentored over 400 people. She has involved in ministry since 1999 and looks forward to serving with those who are passionate about freedom in God. Her desire is to witness God’s love as she dedicates herself to His redemption story.


Emily O'Neall


Since 1999, Cris has served with Christian mission organizations in Mexico and Latin America, South Central Asia, and East Africa.  He teaches and speaks on Biblical topics, including marriage and family, and enjoys preaching the Gospel to audiences everywhere.  He believes strong marriages and families are essential for the well-being of children and under-served persons in every culture.  


Cris O'Neall


Pastor Sunny resides in Darjeeling, India with his wife and 2 children. He is a pastor and social worker in the Himalayas. He is passionate about CHI because of the vision to bring hope amidst hopelessness. His mission is to serve and not be served. 

Local Pastor and Speaker

Pastor Sunny Sapkota