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Saat-Din Anubav

Seven-Day Adventure

We've been creating a children's activity book for our partner schools and organisations in the Himalayas. Teachers and parents are invited to use this book with their students and children to build connections with each other and their environment!

We love working with illustrator Rachel Chia!

The book is 38 pages, and $120 covers the expenses to create/print one page.

Project Name

The 7-day adventure takes place around the Annapurna mountain range. The 2 adventurers meet a new animal at each stop and learn about a value that reflects their Maker.

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Project Name

For example, the 2 adventurers meet a Yak and learn about empowerment. The Yak empowers the highland villagers to live in the altitude with its warm fur and strong legs.

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Project Name

Every day, the adventurers are invited into an interactive activity to help internalise the meaning of the value being shown. For example, the Himalayan Monal reveals Beauty in its feathers. And the adventurers are invited to make their own feather crown with words describing their own innate beauty

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