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Music Education

We believe that music is vital in children's lives. And we believe that music education has the capacity to profoundly impact a child's life and community in empowering and transformative ways. That is why Creative Hope is dedicated to empowering children through music education with our two Partner Schools, located at the Nepal-India border in the Himalayas.

A Creative Hope Music Class

Music Education Partnerships

Our Approaches


Music Teacher Support

We provide the salaries for the music teachers at our partner schools so that they can focus on investing in their students and building a thriving music program.

Music Student Scholarships

We work with our partner schools to offer scholarship programs so that students are able to attend school and join the music program.

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Curriculum Development

We work with the music teachers at our partner schools to develop culturally relevant music teaching materials for singing and instrument classes.

Music Teacher Training

We sponsor aspiring music teachers to pursue further training and education so that they can create even better music learning experiences for their students.

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Events and Concerts

We support our music teachers as they put events and concerts together for their school community. We sponsor sound equipment rentals and other expenses, provide extra volunteers, and give advice and guidance as needed.

Materials and Supplies

We help our partner schools to resource their music programs by providing instruments, equipment, and repairs.


In 2018, we launched a music program with our partner school in Nepal. Watch to get an overview!


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