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Stand for justice, Cultivate beauty, & Restore hope 

Care for the




God’s love

...please join us!

Here are opportunities for ways you can volunteer:

Restore with us

Empower with us

Join us from home

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Creative Arts Camps

Cambodia, Sept 2022

We're getting ready to facilitate two restorative art camps where we'll be creative with girls and women rescued from abuse as well as tired teachers

Music Teacher Conference

Nepal, October 2022

We're getting ready to share knowledge and ideas so we can become better music teachers together

Creative Arts Team

Online, weekly

We're constantly creating opportunities for teachers to develop online and for children to engage in creativity

Prayer Team

Online, quarterly

We're always praying for our partners, communities, and teams because we know we cannot do this alone

Family & Leadership Retreats

Himalayas, April & August

We're facilitating a retreat for families and talking about healthy relationships at home


Online or at home

Help us spread the word by hosting a small Creative Hope event online or from your home