want to Volunteer?

If you...


Want to stand for justice, cultivate beauty, & restore hope 


Through love and creativity, we end slavery and oppression with our partner communities in the Himalayas and Cambodia.

Care for the marginalised


We share God’s love through creativity to marginalised children and families in the Himalayas and Cambodia. 

Believe in God’s love

We believe God’s love is mending our broken world and bringing redemption to all.

...please join us!

Here are long-term and short-term opportunities for ways you can volunteer:

Long-Term Opportunities 

Our long-term volunteers are from all over the world and are able to help us right from where they are. Long-term volunteers commit to helping us one year at a time.


Education Team

Our Education Team supports our Creative Arts Partnerships - bringing empowerment and relationship to our partnerships.


Operations Team

Our Operations Team supports our communication and tech. They bring the Creative Hope community together in meaningful ways. 


Mentorship Team

Volunteers in our Mentorship Team help our Creative Arts Partnerships go above and beyond in student care and safety.

Short-Term Opportunities

Our short-term volunteers travel from all over the world to join our partner communities for a week, or up to 3 months.


Camp Counselor

Our Creative Arts Camp Counselors join a Creative Hope team and help facilitate restorative arts camps for rescued victims.


Student-teacher Intern

Our Student-Teacher Interns join a Creative Hope partner school and facilitate creative learning experiences for students.


Visiting Artist

Our Visiting Artists join a Creative Hope partner school and offer musical listening and learning opportunities for students, and the community.