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Our Mission

restore victims of abuse and trafficking through the creative arts

empower young people and communities through music education

empower families and leaders to safeguard their communities through education, training, and counselling 



Our Approaches

Community Partnerships

We collaborate with community leaders to build safe and loving communities and homes.  Through family retreats, leadership conferences, and counselling training, we empower local leaders to safeguard their communities and protect their vulnerable from harm. 

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Music Education

We partner with schools in under-served communities to pioneer long-term music programs through music teacher training and music student scholarships.

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Creative Arts Camps

We facilitate restorative creative arts camps throughout Asia, partnering with organisations that pursue restoration for survivors of abuse and trafficking.  We further their healing journey through music, visual art, dance, and drama.


      & CONTEXTS

Our Locations

The Himalayas




Our Himalayan partners are passionate about building vibrant and safe communities and expressing God’s love.  They care for their communities through holistic education for under-served  schools and family and leadership development.  We join our partners to develop music education programs and equip families and leaders to safeguard their communities.

Our partners in Cambodia provide holistic restoration for those who have survived abuse, exploitation, or human trafficking. We join them in their restoration process by facilitating creative arts camps. Through music, visual art, dance, and drama, we have witnessed powerful transformation take place within our camp participants.


Our Role
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We join the work of Restoration and Empowerment to combat impoverishment and its symptoms, including human trafficking. 


Through our Creative Arts Camps, Music Education Progams, and Community Partnershipswe help restore those leaving oppression and empower them to remain safe and strong.

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We also join Families, Schools, and Communities to strengthen the layers of safety that are necessary to keep children safe from harm.


Our Creative Arts Camps, Music Education Programs, and Community Partnerships help empower families, teachers, and leaders to safeguard their communities. Together, we build strong connections in homes and schools – keeping children safe and thriving. 


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